Birch & Burlap Rustic Ski Lodge Wedding

Bridget & Dan's Wedding


The Vision

Outdoor Adirondack spring wedding, rustic ski lodge, DIY, family heirlooms

The Flora and Fauna

White birch log wedding aisle, wild flower glade and wooded ceremony site, peony and lilac blossoms, nursery flowers, plants, trees and shrubs

If Bridget and Dan’s wedding had been a basketball game, you could say that Perennia put on the “full court press” to get ready for this event. Bridget and Dan chose the Big Tupper Ski Lodge as the site for their wedding and reception. This abandoned and recently rescued ski lodge needed a complete overhaul to be wedding- ready for this spring celebration.

Pulling off a DIY event of this magnitude involved calling in all sides of the families for several all-day works bees. There were tents, tables, chairs and meat cookers to be transported, windows, tables and chairs to be washed, grass to be mowed, wedding site to be landscaped, birch logs to be cut, bridges to be built and painted, floors, bathrooms and cooking facilities to be cleaned, and the entire place set up, decorated and festooned with thousands of lights, paper globes, flowers, plants and candles.


For months Perennia was busy behind the scenes organizing and orchestrating the food, drink and dessert preparations, all floral and lodge decor, and designing all bridal party bouquets and boutonnieres. This was a true family affair with every detail telling a part of the story of Bridget and Dan.

As Bridget’s mother, my favorite parts involved the flowers. Providing her with a lifelong dream of a spring wedding bouquet of pink peonies was a joy. With connections to the local nursery and help from a very talented friend, Don Duger, we were able to pull off high-end florals and decor. As it turned out, the spring gods were good to us. The trees leafed out, the hillsides turned green, the flowers bloomed, the black flies stayed away and the sun shown down on us all.


Images above © Jaclyn Schmitz Photography

Flower Messages

Peony - Compassion, Happy marriage, Happy life
Dark Pink Rose - Thankfulness
White Bridal Rose - Love, Happiness
Pink Rose - Grace, Sweetness, Perfect happines

Maureen Peroza

Maureen Peroza is the owner and floral designer of Perennia - Adirondack Events and Floral Design company. A retired elementary school teacher, mother/step mother of 6 and grandmother of 7, she joined with her 4 sisters to make official what they have been doing for years.  That is...making memories that last forever through family celebrations and events. In addition Maureen is actively involved in all things Adirondack including biking, hiking, swimming, skiing and gardening. She volunteers with ARISE by helping run the Big Tupper Ski area and is on the board of directors of ARTA which is working to bring a world class recreation trail to Tupper Lake and surrounding communities.