Wooden Boat Wedding on Upper Saranac Lake

Ben & Jen's Wedding


The Vision

Adirondack mountains, lakes, fields and forests, Irish fairies and fiddles, great camp glamour

The Flora and Fauna

Adirondack tree identification hunt - dinner seating
Gardens, driveways and ditches - floral bouquets and arrangements

As fellow lovers of “all things Adirondack”, working with Ben and Jen was a dream come true. As a couple they came to us with a definite vision that needed only a bit our our creative magic to produce a Wedding Weekend as unique and individual as Ben and Jen themselves. And because Ben is my son, this event became a labor of love.

As a mother it was so rewarding to discover that Ben really had picked up some things from me along the way. To hear your son tell you that you taught him "to believe in magic and that all things are possible” made planning this event a true affair of the heart.

As an artist with amazing talent, Ben was able to craft not only the narrative and form of his and Jen’s love story but he actually created the invitations, decor, and choreography of the entire weekend. Perennia was there to listen,collaborate, plan, hunt, gather, and arrange the details that were used to tell the story of Ben and Jen’s lives, loves and families. All along the way we helped create memories that will last forever.


Jen was not so sure about getting married in the Adirondacks but after a winter ski across the ice from Ben’s childhood home to Chapel Island she was convinced. Even in the cold, the Chapel enchanted the bride to be.


It was important for Ben and Jen to have traveling guests and family close together so they could enjoy each others company. The couple was able to secure Camp Canaras on Upper Saranac Lake, the very same waters where Ben grew up fishing.

The Thursday before the wedding friends began to arrive and settle into their rustic cabin accommodations. Meals were served in the dining hall.  Guests played and relaxed on and near the lake. Evenings were spent by roaring campfires. This wedding weekend was a true family affair.


Many happy hours were spent discussing Jen’s bouquets. Whittling down from “I love everything!” to “This is it!” is one of Perennia’s special skills. Our unique, low pressure activities made these choices much easier and helped Jen get to the real heart and message of the flowers.

Wedding week found us foraging through fields, forests, gardens, driveways and ditches to gather greens and flowers. Each centerpiece, bouquet, boutonniere, church and reception decoration was lovingly crafted by our team on-site at Camp Canaras. As a special emotional touch, Jen’s bouquet was adorned with her grandmother’s antique brooch. Jen also gifted her bridesmaids with a unique brooch for each of their bouquets.



Glorious autumn light and delicate candle teardrops illuminated the interior of the Chapel located on Chapel Island on Upper Saranac Lake. Simple beech tree branches and cedar and hydrangea aisle ends were all that were needed to complete this authentic Adirondack ceremony decor.


After hearing "The Star of the County Down" in a pub on their trip to Ireland, Ben told Jen that the song reminded him of her and had it played at the ceremony. The heavenly sounds of a violin, played by a friend of the Groom’s late Grandmother drifted through the chapel and across the lake.


The tent and reception area were filled with a dazzling collection of blooms, green, vases and baskets. All of the flowers (but for a few accent blooms) were cut from gardens, driveways and ditches belonging to the family.


Vases of native Adirondack tree branches - a different type on each table were used to create a colorful matching game for the guests while they found their seating.


As a nod to Ben’s outdoor passions, Jen and Ben chose this whimsical “fisherman and bride” cake topper. Florals that matched the bridal bouquets were added by team Perennia.


From the rustic and elegant Great Hall to the dazzling dining tent, Camp Canaras provided the perfect venue for Ben and Jen’s unique signature wedding In the end, the weekend was a huge success and provided all with a lifetime of memories to cherish.

Images above © Jaclyn Schmitz Photography

Flower Messages


Calla Lily - Magnificent beauty
Thistle - Irish/Scottish heritage
Roses - Enchantment, Grace, Sweetness and perfect happiness
Hydrangea - Gracefulness
Stock - Undying love, Lasting beauty
Eucalyptus - Protection
Dahlia - Dignity, Commitment that lasts forever

Photographer: Jaclyn Schmitz

Caterer: Adirondack Artisans

Tent: Fosters Tent Rentals

Special thanks to Jerry Hacker for his time and his boat!


Maureen Peroza

Maureen Peroza is the owner and floral designer of Perennia - Adirondack Events and Floral Design company. A retired elementary school teacher, mother/step mother of 6 and grandmother of 7, she joined with her 4 sisters to make official what they have been doing for years.  That is...making memories that last forever through family celebrations and events. In addition Maureen is actively involved in all things Adirondack including biking, hiking, swimming, skiing and gardening. She volunteers with ARISE by helping run the Big Tupper Ski area and is on the board of directors of ARTA which is working to bring a world class recreation trail to Tupper Lake and surrounding communities.