Vermont Vintage Wedding at The Ponds

Abbie & Dan's Wedding


The Vision

Vintage, antique furniture and table settings, lace, outdoor garden and pond setting

The Flora and Fauna

Antique roses and soft pastel flowers, blooming gardens and massive hanging planters, garland and floral wedding arch, vintage dresser floral drawer, lush floral centerpieces, garland and floral draped chandeliers, fireplace mantel and tiny antique bottles of blooms

It was my honor and pleasure to assist in the floral design, arrangement, and decorating of the wedding and reception of Abbie and Dan.

The events were held at the beautiful Ponds in Bolton Valley, Vermont. Our team, led by Don Duger and friend Mark Bove, worked for four long days to pull off this incredible fairy tale wedding.

Anyone who knows Don, is prepared to go “over the top” when helping him create something beautiful. Considering that this was the wedding of his only daughter, we were emotionally and physically prepared to bring our A-game.


In less than a week the Ponds went from a lovely wooden lodge to an elegant vintage dreamscape complete with antique table settings and furniture, an enormous fireplace tableau, garland and flower draped chandeliers, blooming gardens, a glorious wedding arch, a centerpiece vintage dresser and floral drawer and of course, real caged love birds whose feathers actually matched the bridal colors.

Abbie had planned her wedding in detail since she was a little girl so she was very specific with her desires. My most important job was to make sure that her very symmetrical and neat father create a bouquet that was vintage and slightly messy.

With a bit of prodding and going against his natural instincts, Don was able to create his daughter’s gorgeous dream-come -true bouquet. The entire wedding week was a wonderful experience. Working with the incredible talents of Don and Mark, being enveloped into the Duger family and helping to tell the love story of Abbie and Dan has help shape me as a designer and an artist. Once again I am convinced that when the event
is all about Love, it can’t help but be a success.

~ Maureen


Images above © Lucas deSousa Photography

Flower Messages

Bridal Tea Rose - Love, Happiness, Remember always
Ivy - Fidelity
Pale Peach Garden Rose - Modesty, Immortality
Hydrangea - Gracefulness
Snapdragon - Fascination, Gracious lady
Eucalyptus - Protection

Maureen Peroza

Maureen Peroza is the owner and floral designer of Perennia - Adirondack Events and Floral Design company. A retired elementary school teacher, mother/step mother of 6 and grandmother of 7, she joined with her 4 sisters to make official what they have been doing for years.  That is...making memories that last forever through family celebrations and events. In addition Maureen is actively involved in all things Adirondack including biking, hiking, swimming, skiing and gardening. She volunteers with ARISE by helping run the Big Tupper Ski area and is on the board of directors of ARTA which is working to bring a world class recreation trail to Tupper Lake and surrounding communities.