Adirondack Autumn Barn Wedding

Kasie & Ross's Wedding



Adirondack barn wedding, fall vistas, outdoor ceremony, birch arbor, rustic decor with burlap, oil lanterns and floating and votive candles.


Locally grown burgundy and red dahlias, creamy roses and hydrangea, cedar, berries, fall foliage, cattails, mountain views



Designing and decorating the wedding of Kasie and Ross was a smooth operation. With her own definite ideas combined with her artistic talent, collaborating with Kasie was a joy!

One meeting and several emails back and forth and we had ourselves a vision. As long as we were successful in producing “a bouquet exactly like this one!” (provided picture) we were going to be ok. On her wedding day, hearing Kasie say that her bouquet was “even more beautiful than she dreamed it would be” was music to our ears!



Perennia takes pride in using locally grown and picked flowers and foliage. Our crops of dahlias were especially abundant this year. Using our gardens and the gardens of our friend Ellen from Stonewall Farm, we were able to combine these rich, vibrant colors with glorious fall berries and foliage. Bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and centerpieces all made use of these stunning combinations. As if predesigned, the gardens and grounds were planted with the same floral hues, making the total setting a true thing of beauty!



Kasie asked for a simple birch arbor decorated with greens and white flowers. Rustic nail barrels filled with her beloved dahlias, beech leaves and greenery framed the ceremony site and allowed the glowing autumn mountain views to shine in the distance.



After the ceremony the guests enjoyed cocktails on the stone patio and then moved into the barn for the dinner and dancing. The long farm tables looked gorgeous in the glow of a multitude of rustic oil lanterns and tiny votive candles. Flower-adorned lanterns hung above the head table along with delicately draped greens. Antique, hand crafted boxes were filled with flowers and bark vases were arranged with greens and fall foliage.



Kasie was instrumental in creating much of the non-floral decor. Clever table names were constructed with a framed picture of Kasey and Ross at the age each table number depicted. Multiple hand lettered signs and artfully designed displays were used for the guest book, seat assignments and even a large planter box for holding all the bouquets.



All in all, the wedding was a day of joy and celebration. The bride and groom were surrounded by family, friends, food and festivities, on a glorious fall day in the amazing Adirondack Mountains!


Flower Messages


Burgundy dahlia - Dignity and elegance
Succulent - Enduring and timeless love
White mum - Truth
Peach rose - Modesty
Burgundy calla lily - Beauty
Eucalyptus - Protection


Autumn Splendor on the St. Lawrence River

Kelli & Dan's Wedding



Church wedding, outdoor reception, riverside celebration, family-centered, Scottish and Irish heritage, Ramsey and Curran Crests, abundant candle, lantern and string lights, romantic elegance. autumn glory


Jewel toned flowers, ruby red dahlias, ruffled garden roses, evergreens, wild foliage and moss, dark blue privet berries, fall foliage


It can be risky business planning an outdoor wedding for the fall - Especially one that will be held beside the St. Lawrence River, exposed to all the wind and elements that might show up.

But after a year of planning, and lots of prayers for sunshine, the wedding of Kelli and Dan was blessed with sunshine from start to finish.

Kelli’s vision for her wedding day was quite clear from the start.  Dan happily supported Kelli in all her bridal decisions but did insist on using the red Ramsey Plaid Tartan colors and the Ramsey and Curran Crests as part of the decor.


As active, outdoor enthusiasts, Kelli and Dan wanted a wedding that reflected their love for all things Adirondack, included family traditions and displayed an elegant, romantic atmosphere.

Their preference for bold, rich “jewel” toned colors resulted in glorious floral combinations of red, burgundy, blue, orange, dark pink and gold. 


Wedding week found Team Perennia building the dream by organizing supplies, foraging for greenery, picking and prepping flowers, loading up and traveling to the Massena region to set up shop.  Based at Stonewall Farm, which is owned by our friend and floral design mentor, Perennia continued production and assembled all the florals needed for the ceremony and reception. 


Sacred Heart Church was the site of the wedding ceremony of Kelli and Dan.  Graced by large pack baskets of greens, cattails and florals, guests were seated in pews decorated with blue and burgundy tartan plaid ribbons, Scottish Crest brass buttons, greens, berries and floral swags.


Following the ceremony, the party began at the Robert Moses State Park Pavilion, which had been transformed with floating candles, wool blanket cocktail table table toppers, moss, and string lights.  The massive stone fireplace was adorned with large framed botanicals and contained a welcoming, blazing fire.


Stone pillars lined the edge of the pavilion   These were topped with an elegant display of greens and flowers and served as a dramatic entrance to the dining tent.

Dinner guests found themselves seated at tables swathed in charcoal gray linen, blue and gray wool toppers, bowls of flowers, containers of greens and candles in abundance! The head table was draped and surrounded by dreamy cheesecloth.  Red Ramsey plaid blankets hung on the chair of the bride and groom and green boxwood wreathes were hung behind them with the same plaid ribbon displayed.


The warmth, love and good wishes of the families and guests could be felt as the touching speeches were made and the delicious meal consumed.  Reflecting in the flicker of the antique oil lamps and hundreds of candles, Kelli and Dan positively glowed.

The dessert table was a huge hit!  Family favorites and local specialties kept the guests happy.

Of special interest were the little bottles of maple syrup given as favors.  This maple syrup collected, boiled and bottled by the Curran family. 


First dances get us every time and this time was no exception.  There was not a dry eye in the place as Kelli and her Dad and Dan and his Mom took to the floor.  Soon the dance floor was crowded and stayed that way until the party’s reluctant end!

Flower Messages


Red garden rose - Love and happiness
White Chrysanthemum - New beginnings
Violet carnation - Devoted love
Blue privet berries - Abundance
Red dahlia - Forever thine
Asparagus fern - Fascination

Photography: Machellie Photography

Dress and Veil: Eddy K from Juliannah's
Dress & Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Studio 162

Rings: Peets Jewelers

Hand Drawn Watercolor Crest and Programs: Momental Designs

DJ: Warren Harman - Harmony Entertainment

Cake: Anastasia's Bakery

Photo Booth: Clix Photo Booths

Wedding PlanneR, flowers, decor: Perennia

Church: Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Reception: Robert Moses State Park

Catering: The Village Inn

Desserts: Kaneb Orchards, Anastasia's Bakery,
The Village Inn


Wedding Week in the Adirondack Wild

Mary & Justi's Wedding



Grassy point, lakeside party, rehearsal dinner picnic, forest accommodations, guideboats, canoes, family, friends, flowers and fun.


Adirondack wildflowers, garden grown blossoms, local foliage, ferns, moss, leaves, birch bark wall



A little girl and her sisters, a summer home, a wedding dream, a dream come true.

When the little girl grew up and planned to get married this childhood dream began to take shape.  Mary and Justi decided to make it real.

Growing up on the summer shores of Long Lake, Mary and her sisters spent their days in the forest, on the lake and in the mountains. Mary chose her wedding spot at an early age - a small, grassy spit of land, jutting out into the lake.  With the high peaks on one side and the open lake on the other, Grassy Point stood ready and waiting all these years.



The logistical planning for this wedding began a year in advance. With a combined effort of Mary, Justi and families, local landscapers and caretakers, gardeners, Dan Mathiew - a Boston caterer and designer, and Perennia, all hands were on deck to turn this remote summer camp into a wedding paradise. Mary and Justi were adamant that they just wanted a simple gathering spot for friends and family to spend a weekend of celebration. They wanted to share this incredible wilderness with their loved ones and get married too!

Ah yes, a simple woodland gathering…And so it began…The grounds were trimmed, raked and pruned. The gardens were planted with future wedding blooms. Log planters were brought in and set with summer seedlings, timed to blossom at just the right moment. The field was trimmed and groomed. High lake water from spring rains finally dropped. The path to the grassy point was trimmed and the beach was raked of spring debris.


Wedding week brought increased threats of torrential rains. We carried on despite the dire weather news. All supplies had to be brought in via dirt road. Did I mention it was a long, long dirt road…? Thirty Glamping Tents (that’s glamour camping tents) were brought in and set up in the field above the lake. A huge base camp tent was erected and would become the center of activity as a guest meal tent and the site of the rehearsal dinner picnic.  Shower and rest room facilities arrived, a huge fire pit was dug and string lights were hung all around the camping area.


The caterer and fellow designer arrived and with him came the refrigeration trucks, ovens, genera-tors, food and staff. Tables, chairs, benches, linens, dishes… all arrived as planned.

Extra canoes and kayaks, flashlights, blankets, bug spray, and outdoor supplies were put out for guests enjoyment. Hundred of tiny lanterns were hung on hooks and lined the path from the field to the lake.

Meanwhile the Perennia team set up shop at the wood shed and spent the week prepping flowers, foraging for ferns and local greenery, cutting tree saplings and arranging all the floral and decor for both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding.


Once the spectacular clear-ceiling tent was erected the real fun began.  Handmade rustic tables were set with gifts from the forest floor. Moss, ferns, leaves and glorious florals adorned each table and were set with candles galore. The unique dishes and tableware fit the scene perfectly blending in and standing out all at the same time.  The family canoe was hung above the head table and filled with buckets of fresh cut ferns.

Of special importance was the barrier wall constructed behind the bar at the far end of the tent. Dan and his crew covered the wall with birch bark strips, ferns, moss, and twigs. They accented the wall with rustic driftwood found on the beach - a perfect ledge for votive candles.

The bar was constructed with found wood and driftwood accents.


As wedding weekend approached, the threats of severe thunderstorms continued. The rehearsal dinner on Friday night went off without a sprinkle and guests enjoyed a pig roast picnic in the mess tent. We decorated the tent with our own hand constructed farm tables and benches, wool plaid blankets, pillar candles, oil lamps and votives. As per Mary and Justi’s request, the tables were set with antique milk bottles full of wildflower bouquets and bark vases of leaves. Guests were treated to the traditional speeches, a slide show and a campfire with s’mores after dinner.


Wedding day dawned sunny and bright but the weatherman continued with stern warning of severe and sudden storms. We anxiously watched the skies as guests enjoyed the beach, lake, and woods. Mary and Justi remained resolute in their desire to be wed out on the point so with only minutes to spare the decision to make the 3/4 mile hike was made.  Umbrellas were shipped by boat, over to the point (along with guests who didn’t care to make the trek through the woods).


And lo and behold, the looming storm dissipated, the mountains rose out of the clouds and the sun beamed down on Mary and Justi and their family and friends. After a touching and heartfelt ceremony, the couple launched out on the lake to take a private boat ride as husband and wife.  The rest of the crowd made their way back to the beach to enjoy cocktails set out on a rustic bar and a guide-boat full of tasty hors-d'oeuvres.

Perfectly timed, the sun began to set and guests were called to dinner.  Entering the tent through a constructed grove of trees, flowers, lanterns, and candles the woodland magic continued. Candles flickered, dances were danced, a meal was enjoyed, cake was cut and the simple picnic wedding in the woods was a success!


Flower Messages


White garden roses - Purity
Pink bee balm - Virtuous and sweet
Black eyed susan - Encouragement
Queen ann’s lace - Delicate femininity
Delphinium - Big hearted
Daisies - Loyal love

Photography: Christopher Duggan

Venue: Elston Property, Long Lake  

Catering/Cake: Max Ultimate Catering  

Event Design : Maureen Peroza & Dan Mathieu

Floral Design: Perennia

DJ: Flipside  

Transportation/Lighting/Wedding Planning: Dan Mathieu

Wedding Dress Design: Elise Hameau  

Contentment Camping: Pat Jensen


An International Love Affair




Union of France, Canada and the USA, bilingual celebration, Adirondack setting, natural surroundings and decor, family traditions and passions, skiing, hockey, maple industry, black bear, maple trees, homemade desserts and wedding favors


Adirondack autumn leaves, wildflowers, evergreens, beech branches, hydrangeas, dahlias, wild grapes, birch sticks, crab apples, feathers, Wild Center pond

A girl walks into a bar with her sister in Grenoble, France.  She is teased by the handsome bartender who pretends not to understand English.  The rest of the story is one of romance, perseverance and international intrigue.  Spoiler Alert!  They end up married!

Thus begins the incredibly romantic love story of Ashley and Billy.  Continents away and oceans apart, this unlikely couple endured separation, relocation, citizenship delays and an eventual elopement.  Finally, they circle back to Ashley's father's little home town in the Adirondacks to share their union with family and friends.


Planning this wedding with Ashley and Billy was joy in all forms.  After teasing at their true heart desires we were able to design a wedding that was truly and uniquely theirs.  By using the passions, traditions and stories from both of their families, the day became a celebration joining France, Canada and the USA.

As avid hikers, campers and seasoned travelers, this couple wanted to tell their story throughout their wedding weekend. The Adirondack autumn responded by wearing its finest colors and provided the backdrop that mirrored their love of all things outdoors. They chose the Wild Center in Tupper Lake as the site of their ceremony and reception and added many special touches to the already beautiful surroundings.


Vintage postcards from places they had traveled to were used as table names. Antique maple buckets full of colorful mums and hydrangeas added to the decor. Wildflowers and colored maple leaves were scattered throughout the ceremony and reception venues and everywhere you looked there were hints of family and traditions – from the Canadian/Adirondack maple syrup containers to the skis and hockey sticks, from the black bear symbol of Grenoble to the Hudson Bay Canadian blankets – pieces of three countries came together to celebrate!


Of special interest to Ashley and Billy were the flowers. They both wanted the flowers to speak of love, fall, nature and family. We succeeded on all fronts by providing them with dahlias and hydrangeas grown in our own gardens, wild grapes and apples picked from our own forests, feathers, sticks and pods collected in our own yards and strawflowers grown and dried in our own workshop. And because Ashley's grandmother was a favorite aunt of ours and her dad is a favorite cousin, the family love positively glowed from within the blooms themselves.


The wedding ceremony was scheduled to take place alongside the pond at the Wild Center. A week of unseasonably warm weather preceding the wedding day had our hopes high. But alas, the rains came and blessed us with showers so the ceremony was moved inside the tent. But as we always say, "It's all about the love. Nothing else matters."


And love there was. Love in the raindrops, love in the bilingual ceremony and speeches, love in the flowers and decor, love in the homemade favors of jam and salted caramel, love in the dancing and singing, love in the dessert table that was baked and prepared by the aunts and cousins, and love in the family and friends.

Ashley and Billy fell in love and got married.  They shared their love with us all. 

Trés Bien!  Very Good!

Flower Messages


Red Chrysanthemums - Cheerfulness, Wellness
Chocolate Cosmos -  Long Lasting Love
White Tea Roses - Innocence and Purity
Wax Flower - Susceptibility
Burgundy Dahlia -  Dignity and Elegance
Orange Mini Chrysanthemums -  Loyalty and Devotion
Pheasant Feathers - Spirituality
White Chrysanthemums -  New Beginnings

It was the best decision we made amidst our wedding planning to work with all of you. It was fun to see what each of your talents and strong suits were. You are all so passionate, efficient, and have such a detailed order to the way you work. We were so lucky to have you.

Love always,
Ashley and Billy xox

PHOTOGRAPHER : Jeffrey Foote Photography

VENUE : The Wild Center, Tupper Lake, NY

CATERER : Flavor, Long Lake, NY

HAIR : Laurie Merola

MAKEUP : Emily Gerace


Southern Elegance in the North Country





Family tradition, Camp Sunnywood, family estate, Lake Champlain, southern hospitality, north country living


Lush Greenery, large loose bouquets, deep jewel toned blossoms, mums, hydrangeas, magnolia leaves, rocky lake shore, fall foliage

To use Ben and Nancy's words, "Southern Elegance in the North Country is more than just a phrase for their special day.  It's a way of life - One that brings aspects of Washington, DC and Pittsburgh up north and honors the traditions of the past, the joy of the present and their dreams for the future."


Their wedding weekend succeeded in demonstrating all of this and more. The setting of the 100+ year old family Camp Sunnywood on Lake Champlain in New York provided a beautiful, rustic setting that encompassed generations of family traditions.  A Thursday downpour dried up into a weekend of clear, crisp Adirondack autumn splendor.  As family and friends arrived from all over the country, a healthy dose of Southern charm and hospitality greeted them at every turn.  Each and every decoration, flower, food, drink and activity came with special meaning to the couple and their families.  This was truly a unique and heartfelt event that contained every element of a perfect and magical wedding.


The traditional ceremony was held at St. Peter's Catholic Church.   Established in 1853, this setting helped to create the atmosphere for this sacred and loving event. 


During our early consultations, Nancy was clear with her floral and decor desires.  She asked for her bouquet to be natural and loose, filled with seasonal flowers, greenery and berry colored blooms.  Nancy and Ben's attendants' attire would complement with colors of gray, navy and pops of deep berry tones.  The results were rich, lush and glorious.


Cocktails were held at the Big House at Camp Sunnywood.  The porches were set with glowing tabletops and stairs were adorned with masses of colorful mums.  Signature drinks were mixed and served inside at the bar while the family rowboat allowed for a more casual approach to serving beverages.


The inside of the Big House contained pieces of the Ben and Nancy story in every nook and cranny -  from the Broadway Playbill displays which were used as table names to the Sunnywood wedding table.   Every wedding that had ever been celebrated at Sunnywood was displayed and provided many with sweet memories. 


Displays of the old days and wishes for new times to come were evident and presented in a loving and beautiful manner.


At 4 o'clock the traditional group picture on the front porch took place.  In some of the shots the Terrible Towels were waved to signify an undying love for the Pittsburgh Steelers as demonstrated by Ben and his family for generations.  


Guests then took their Terrible Towels and "waved" their way into the dining tent to toast the couple and enjoy a delicious gourmet meal.  Ben graciously thanked everyone and pleased the Perennia girls when he described our work as "creating something right out of Downton Abby."


The dessert table at the Big House was a huge success.  Local apples were baked up into pies, strudel and cobblers.  Cookies shaped like Tennessee and cookies painted with a lake scene from Lake Champlain joined the multitude of goodies enjoyed by all.


As brides and grooms for generations before them have done, Ben and Nancy placed their name and wedding date on the family tree.


The party then moved to the dance floor where friends and family sang and danced the night away.  Waving their Tennessee pompoms, the crowd joined in a rousing rendition of the song "Rockytop" as a nod to Nancy's alma mater. 


The celebration continued as it had begun, with traditions of old and a life together new. 

All images above © Amy Nicole Photography

Flower Messages

Kangaroo Paws - Unequaled
Purple Mini Carnations - Playful and Loving
Red Garden Rose - Romantic Love
Eucalyptus - Protection
White Chrysanthemum - Loyalty and Devotion
White Hypericum Berries - All Healthy
Burgundy Dahlia - Elegance

Photography: Amy Nicole Photography
Venue: Sunnywood, Private Estate
Stationary: Wide Eyes Paper Co.
DJ: Meyer’s Entertainment
Bridesmaid Attire: Rent the Runway and personal Wedding Gown: Wildflower Bridal
Pie: Rulfs Orchard
Catering: Anthony’s Restaurant & Bistro
Hair & Makeup: Salon 136
Tents: Fosters’ Tents

Backyard Wedding Wonderland

Brittany & Dustin's Wedding

The Vision

Bride's childhood backyard wedding dream, tent, elegant floral splendor, Adirondack touches, lanterns, abundant candlelight, farms, fields, and boathouse

The Flora and Fauna

Antique pink and white garden roses, wildflowers, lush green lawns, towering ancient white pines, leafy greens, pine cones, moss, birch, antlers, feathers, and evergreen branches


Brittany and Dustin were married in the bride's tiny family church located just a short distance from her home down the road.  Packed to the rafters with family and friends, the entire place radiated with love.

Brit flower girls.jpg

A family boathouse and nearby field served as backdrops for the formal photos.


Once the picture taking was done, the wedding party made its way to the reception tent situated in Brittany's parents' backyard.  This was the wedding venue that Brittany had dreamed of all of her life and her Dad had spent months grooming it to perfection.


Adorned with lush pink and white centerpieces, leafy bouquets, lanterns, antique brass candles and pink tulle runners, the tent was transformed into an elegant bridal wonderland.


As a nod to Brittany and Dustin's mutual love for all things Adirondack, the event was complemented with antlers, pinecones, birch bark, logs, moss, twigs, feathers, pack baskets and animal furs.  This added a rustic nature and helped to tell the story of this incredible couple.  

Right from the beginning, Dustin communicated his love of the Adirondack wilderness and all it has to offer.  He shared his love of hunting and expressed a real appreciation for the mallard duck's blue neck feathers.  This information was used to create his one-of-a-kind boutonniere complete with bullet shells and mallard feather accents. 


From the dessert table to the head table, personal touches were everywhere.  From the corner of the tent and its snowshoe vignette to the memorial table celebrating marriages and memories, the wedding of Brittany and Dustin was a celebration sure to be remembered and cherished forever.


All images above © Jenna Chartier

Flower Messages


Pink Garden Rose - Gentleness and Admiration
White Rose - Innocence and Purity
Wax Flower - Happiness in Marriage
Baby’s Breath - Pure of Heart
Vintage Pink and White Carnation - “I will never forget you.”
White Hypericum Berries - All Healthy

Photographer : Jenna Chartier

Tent Company : Jones’s Party Tents

Catering : Parker Piercey PCP-BBQ Catering

 Vocalist : Karin Ryan

DJ : Todd Truax