We Are Perennia


Photo by Christopher Duggan

Since we were children, we have been drawn to the natural beauty that surrounds us. Whether we were exploring the woods along the Raquette River, searching for faeries among the ferns, daring ourselves to run through our imaginary "witches forest" or gazing at the stars around the campfire, we believed in magic, mystery and love. We have always recognized the importance of family and tradition in our lives which has fueled our creative spirit.

Each sister brings a set of unique talents and skills to our projects. Fueled by an intrinsic desire to create something heartfelt, memorable and beautiful; we combine artistic talent, organizational skills, computer savvy, composing and editing finesse, and event design strength.
Rest assured that you will be well taken care of by a group of women who are joyously obsessed with perfection and will not stop until you are perfectly satisfied. We look forward to meeting you!

-The Labarge Sisters

 Kathryn Keniston, Petra Labarge, Lisa Dattola, Maureen Peroza, Carolyn Merrihew